Russian Tea Cakes


Also known as Mexican wedding cookie, snowballs, or butter balls.  This is a holiday cookie favorite that everyone can enjoy, well unless you have a nut allergy of course.  Teeheehee. Continue reading “Russian Tea Cakes”

Strawberry Salad with Marie’s Raspberry dressing.


It’s 2018 and if you haven’t put strawberries in your salad yet, you’re seriously missing out.  If you’re tired of the same ‘ol “house salad” with ranch dressing, this is definitely the recipe for you.

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Dutch Apple Pie.


When is the last time you had an apple pie that blew your tasted buds away?  Take your time, I’ll wait… Can’t think of one?  Well you are in luck!  This recipe is seriously so simple and delicious your friends and family will be asking you were you bought it.  This ain’t no frozen Marie Callender or Claim Jumper pie, no no no.  This Dutch apple pie recipe is the recipe to end all other Dutch apple pie recipes, in my opinion.  So lets get started!

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Just do you girl.


Hello my friends!

It’s been a moment since my last post, but I won’t apologize for that.  This last month has been a lot of learning, reading, studying, and self examination.  I will admit that I began to feel slightly discouraged after my last entry.  It’s not easy to put your thoughts on the internet and leave yourself vulnerable to every kind of criticism. What I have come to understand is that the people who know you, like really know you, are sometimes your biggest obstacle to overcome. Continue reading “Just do you girl.”