Just do you girl.


Hello my friends!

It’s been a moment since my last post, but I won’t apologize for that.  This last month has been a lot of learning, reading, studying, and self examination.  I will admit that I began to feel slightly discouraged after my last entry.  It’s not easy to put your thoughts on the internet and leave yourself vulnerable to every kind of criticism. What I have come to understand is that the people who know you, like really know you, are sometimes your biggest obstacle to overcome. Continue reading “Just do you girl.”

Whoa, she’s actually doing it.

mm4So, this is my first time writing and I have to admit I am nervous as I’m typing this first line. Here goes nothin! I would like to formally invite you to come along on a journey with me. A journey in finding encouragement through the word of God, in finding balance in a chaotic world, and in making your wellness a priority.

Continue reading “Whoa, she’s actually doing it.”